Upcoming Themes

Spring 2021 Issue: Romantic Suspense

What could be more romantic than love … and danger? Both get the heart pounding and the adrenaline pumping!

For this romantic suspense issue, send us your best flash fiction stories about love on the run, hearts united in the face of danger. Think Castle or Bones. Show us spies falling for each other, partners – in love, or maybe in crime? A rescuer who needs rescuing, both physically and emotionally. A rekindled flame in the middle of a fire. Throw your hero and heroine into the trenches of war and see what develops.

Thrill us with your thrillers. But keep it under 1,000 words

Issue Featured Author: Cara Putman

Submission Deadline: Jan 15, 2021

Summer 2021 Issue: Inspired by Songs

Love songs have made the world a better place for thousands of years. Great lyrics tug at our emotions and inspire us with a simplicity that seems impossible, telling a short, short story just like flash fiction.

Give us your best stories inspired by your favorite songs of first kisses, sweet meetings, marriage proposals, first dates, reunited flames, and even those that celebrate a love that has stood the test of time. Put a fresh spin on it. Tell it from a different perspective or what happened before or after the song.

So set your playlist to love songs and be inspired. Be sure to tell us which song inspired you but don’t use any actual lyrics in your story.

Issue Featured Author: To Be Announced

Submission Deadline: May 14, 2021

Fall 2021 Issue: Falling in Love

Description coming soon!

Issue Featured Author: To Be Announced

Submission Deadline: September 3, 2021

Be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines to see what we are looking for, what we DON’T want, and how best to submit your flash fiction story.