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Summer 2020 Issue: The Golden Age of Hollywood

Do you dream of love in black and white? Of silent film stars who use their eyes and hands to tell a story? Women, elegant gowns brushing the floor, and men with fashionable mustaches and voices as smooth as satin, gliding across a stage to accept an award. Or would you rather take an oldie and reframe it? Make it new and fresh? Have the girl get the guy this time.

Hollywood’s “Golden Age” (1920s-1960s) makes for an alluring setting. One that demands its stories be told through romance. We want flash fiction that evokes a sense of glamour and fame. Show us the fire that ignites between a leading lady and the hero’s…stunt double. The rom-com duo who go from enemies to lovers. Or maybe even have Scarlet end up happily-ever-after with Rhett or The Roman Holiday romance take place during the time of Caesar.

Whether you write your own, or rework a classic, make sure you send us stories that make us want to settle into our favorite chair and enjoy, for a moment, the daydreams of another time. Another place.

Issue Featured Author: To Be Announced

Submission Deadline: July 31

Fall/Winter 2020 Issue: Murder, Mayhem, and Mysteries

Description coming soon!

Issue Featured Author: To Be Announced

Submission Deadline: October 9

Be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines to see what we are looking for, what we DON’T want, and how best to submit your flash fiction story.