Summer 2022 Issue

Editor’s Note:

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, especially in affairs of the heart. In this fantasy issue of Spark Flash Fiction, you’ll find twelve love stories sprinkled with fairy dust and promising to put a smile on your face.  

You don’t want to miss featured author Laura Zimmerman’s “The Message,” a tale about a love that transcends time. And the staff feature from Sheri Yutzy promises sweet things to come.

From mischievous elves to unconventional fairy godmothers, these stories are full of the magic only love can bring.

Spark Editors

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Her Book Boyfriend

Shannon Sue Dunlap


The River of Unlived Memories

Kristen Hogrefe Parnell


The Arrow, the Carrot & the Lantern

B.R.R. Cannon


The Message

Featured Author: Laura L. Zimmerman


Enchanting a Garden

Emily Barnett


A Dream Come True

Ruth Schmeckpeper


Ruby of Crimson

Payton Tilley


Some Magic

Katie Fitzgerald


A Kiss in the Bargain

Staff Feature: Sheri Yutzy


A Werewolf at Sunrise

Kelsey Messner


Fairy Dreams

Alyssa Schwarz


The Princess Who Couldn’t Fly

Sharon Hughson


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