Spring/Summer 2020 Issue

Editor’s Note:

Sometimes the best kind of love story is one that has a history—a reimagined relationship, rekindled romance, remembered rendezvous. And sometimes the road to love isn’t paved smoothly. But the bumps and detours are what make life interesting. And we’ve got a few of those stories for you here at Spark Flash Fiction.

Our Spring/Summer 2020 issue brings you an absolutely delicious tale of opposites attracting from feature author Jessica Kate. She packs all of her hallmark humor and flirtatious dialogue into 1,000 perfect words. There’s also a Coronavirus romance that will have you reaching for a mask and memories.  So, creep away from your Zoom calls and snack time and laundry and enjoy a few moments of R&R (romance and remembering). 

Kimberly Duffy

Destiny in Disguise

Kaci Lane


Small Town Hero

Chris Kraft


Road Trip

Featured Author: Jessica Kate


Game, Set, Match

Cassandra Hamm


Dance at the Roller Rink

Staff Feature: Kimberly Duffy


My Heart

Cheryl Kramarczyk