Spring 2019 Issue

Editor’s Note:

You are cordially invited to take a seat on the porch swing, add another slice of lemon to your tea, and settle in for a springtime dose of sweet romance with our debut issue of Spark Flash Fiction!

We’re so glad you’re here and can’t thank you enough for finding our little corner of the internet. It’s cozy here, in this place, a lot like the breezy back porch I’m sitting on to write this.

For our first issue, we’ve brought you two featured authors, and we think you’ll only want more after reading their stories.

Be sure to check out all our authors via their websites or social media and let them know how much you enjoyed their work.

Let’s spill the tea on great flash fiction romance!

Lindsey Brackett

Gone with the Wedding

Janine Rosche


Gumbo to Die For

Megan Miles


A Drink After the War

Featured Author: James Markert


A Grand Entrance

Sheri Yutzy


Just Like Mama’s

Laynie Bynum


For the Love of Lincoln

Staff Feature: Lindsey Brackett


A Surprise in Seat Two

Staff Feature: Leslie DeVooght


Wild with the Wind

Featured Author: Lenora Worth


Mamas and Sweet Tea

Teresa Pollard


Kissing You

Sharyn Kopf