Fall 2022 Issue

Editor’s Note:

Get ready for a paws-itively delightful set of stories in this issue of Spark Flash Fiction. You’ll find twelve tales (or tails!) with animal companions from iguanas to goldfish, ravens to rats, all helping lead their humans to their perfect match.

You won’t want to miss a sweet story about man’s best friend from our featured author, Janine Rosche, and the staff feature by Jennifer Purcell will have you laughing out loud at the hijinks of a rebellious pig.

Watching these couples connect through furry friends will have you happily wagging your tail as love is unleashed in the most unexpected ways. Even if you aren’t a pet person, these critter-themed romances will still make you swoon!

Spark Editors

A Season of Change

Tracy Del Campo


Pond. James Pond.

Alyssa Schwarz


An Iguana’s Tale

April Kidwell


A Whole Latte Love

Laura DeBow



Featured Author: Janine Rosche


Petting Zoo Promise

Laurie Ingram Sibley


False Impressions

Kimberly Keagan


Over the Moon

Elizabeth Daghfal


Tables Turned

Bonnie Martin


The Red Ear

Staff Feature: Jennifer Purcell


Pinky the Matchmaker

Sharon Hughson


Love Bob

Carrie Weston