Dear Diary

Laura L. Zimmerman

January 4th

Dear Diary,

Is it unrealistic to hope that I could find love by Valentine’s Day? I mean, I’m only twenty-eight. It’s not like I’m an old maid.

Except to Mom. Her perpetual attempts at matchmaking are going to drive me to an early grave. Carl? The most interesting thing about him was his stamp collection. Stephen? He’s great, aside from the fact that his divorce from wife number two isn’t final yet. And Dan? I loved every minute I spent with him for the four short weeks we dated. Until I saw his mug shot on the news and realized Dan was not his name.

Seriously, what is so wrong with me? I would give up, except…

Today I went into the physical therapy office to visit Mom at work. When, lo and behold, a delectable man of my dreams smiled at me. Mom introduced him as Dr. Cannon but I remember from her office stories that his name is Ashton Cannon. I was just about to flip my long dark curls and bat my baby blues when he reached out to shake my hand and… Wedding Ring Alert!

I also met her other co-workers, William, Carla, and Tom—an adorable guy with dimples that made my heart swoon. And when Mom got home she had a note from him!


It was a pleasure meeting you. Your mom mentioned that you’re single so I thought I’d take a chance. I’d love to get to know you better. (Internally cringes, as I can’t see your response.)

Awaiting your reply,


January 7th

Dearest diary,

I did it. I looked Tom up on the company website, got his number, and texted him. We went on a date… aaand it was a disaster.

He did nothing but talk about himself, constantly checked out his hair, and flirted with the waitress.

No romance here for me.

January 7th—again

I got another note. It came home with Mom. I seriously don’t know what to do.

Dear Monica,

I realize I know very little about you and I’d like to rectify that. What are your likes? Your pet peeves? What was your childhood aspiration? (And did you ever achieve it?) What are the top three things on your Bucket List? Favorite date? Worst date? (I want to hear all the gory details!) Do me a favor and write your reply. Geraldine agreed to pass our notes. (Because who doesn’t love an old-fashioned sixth-grade romance?)

Tag, you’re it!


January 10th


First off, yes, I did reply to Tom’s letter. Even though I was totally not going to, considering his behavior on our first date. But maybe he was just nervous?

I included all the details I could think of. I was stunned to receive a reply the same day I sent mine in with my mom. I’ve got another in-person date with him tonight.

January 22nd


Diary, I am in deep. Tom and I have now exchanged countless letters. Literally on a daily basis.

I’ve been on four more dates with him. The weird thing is, he’s so different in person. I mean, I try to give him the benefit of the doubt but he doesn’t even laugh at any of the jokes we’ve made in our missives. He’s downright arrogant when we’re together. Why can’t I reconcile real-Tom with paper-Tom?

February 2nd


I’ve been out with Tom twice more. He’s a jerk. What do I do? I really like the man who writes me letters. But real-Tom is just plain boring. I try to discuss topics I know he likes to talk about. Yet, he’s clearly uninterested.

Tonight he broke it off.

February 3rd


I’m confused. Tom wrote me another letter. He’s acting as if everything’s fine. Just bantering like we always have. Now that I think about it, he mentioned on our date that he was taking a few days off. Maybe this was an old letter from before our date?

February 6th

Nope. Not an old letter. Mom returned with another note! What is the deal with this guy?

February 9th

More letters. I’m sort of done with this. It’s a little insulting. Especially because he asked why he hasn’t heard from me. But when I text him, he ghosts me.

February 13th

That’s it. He won’t leave me alone but he won’t text or call me. My heart is no longer confused. It’s fuming. I’m going to Mom’s work tomorrow to confront him.

February 14th

Dearest diary,

Oh, what a fool I’ve been! Mom gave me this letter before she left for work this morning. She forgot to give it to me last night. Thankfully I read it before going to her work today. Although, now that I have read it, I’m sure I will go!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Maybe this isn’t such a bad day, after all.

Dear Monica,

I’ll admit, I’m a bit confused why your replies suddenly stopped. After giving it some thought, I think we should meet in person. I fear I’ve said something off-putting and I’d love the chance to discuss it.

I won’t lie, I’ve felt a strong connection with you over the past weeks. I firmly believe there could be a future for us if you’d be willing to forgive me for my transgression and give me another chance?

You’re beautiful and witty and authentic and everything I’ve desired in a partner. Please, Monica, let me prove it to you. I hope to take the promise ring off my finger someday so I can pledge my life to the woman of my dreams. (Which I sort of hope will be you?)

Yours truly,

Ashton Thomas Cannon

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day

Laura Zimmerman
Laura L. Zimmerman is a homeschooling mom to three daughters and a doting wife to one husband. Besides writing, she is passionate about loving Jesus, singing loudly, snuggling her cats and pretending to do yoga.

An avid coffee drinker, she gave up eating meat fifteen years ago and is a sucker for anything zombie related. She’s been married to her Mr. Darcy for 21 years and feels it’s her life goal to pass along her obsession with the Star Wars saga on to her offspring.

She loves to read sci-fi and fantasy for YA and MG, which in turn, bleeds through to her writing. (Watch your back: She occasionally writes horror, too!)

You can connect with her through Facebook and Twitter, or on her website.